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2016 Met Gala // Fashion in an Age of Technology

2016 Met Gala // Fashion in an Age of Technology

With technology becoming ever-more prevalent in our society through the evolution of countless devices and incredible software, it’s no wonder why this year’s Met Gala decided to go with the theme “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.” Check out how celebrities rocked the red carpet with their tech-inspired outfits, and which ones our stylists found most electrifying.

CIARA was a top favorite from this year’s Gala. Our stylists describe her dress as fabulous, stylish, and out of her comfort zone, which is what the Gala is all about. Stylist Brooke says,

“I love how she went bold with her hair color, especially with the finger wave style.”

Stephanie adds, “I loved the grey hair, which is a perfect complement to her outfit.”


LIBERTY ROSS left our Stylist Jaz “speechless” with her outfit. She says,

“Her make-up is flawless and I love how she brought out the classic look with the birdcage. Simply incredible.”

Brooke describes the outfit as “vintage & classy” and loves that Ross decided to use a headpiece to further accessorize the dress.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS had the attention of some of our stylists for going a less-traditional route. Brooke and Stephanie agree that they like the “grunge look” saying,

“I like how instead of doing something sleek, she decided to put more shagginess and texture into her bob.”

BELLA HADID was a favorite for Stylist Kris, and she comments on her appearance,

“Her polished, sleek hair and glowing skin perfectly complements the elegance of her dress. I love it!”

Stephanie adds, “She took a look right off the runway, and she looks elegant and edgy. The smokey make-up accents her dress perfectly.”

JOURDAN DUNN was able to pull off an robotic, but elegant appearance. Jaz describes Dunn’s outfit as “sexy and futuristic,” and she loves the silver bob. Kris adds that Dunn is representative of what it means to be a “strong and powerful woman.” She says,

“It’s simple and to the point. She gives off a Don’t mess with me kind of vibe through her make-up, hair, and overall outfit.”

The dress that stole the show and clearly represents the theme of this year’s Gala has to go to CLAIRE DANES. Her glow in the dark, Cinderella-inspired gown is a perfect representation of Fashion in an Age of Technology.


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