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Adrian – Level 2 Stylist

Adrian – Level 2 Stylist

Since Adrian was a child, his father would bring him into salons to see a hairdresser for his haircuts. This sparked an interest in the profession and as Adrian got older he would save up his allowance and walk to the barbershop by his house every 2 weeks to get a haircut. “I knew it was something I wanted to do, but didn’t see it as a profession until I graduated high school.”

Since graduating from Parisian Beauty Academy, Adrian has become highly skilled in men’s grooming. “I prioritize the shape of a haircut, followed by gradient and texture.” In the future, he plans to grow his skill sets to acquire more opportunity for himself and his clients. “The more I am exposed to this industry, the more I want to create on female clients.”

When Adrian is not at work, he enjoys traveling and eating all types of cuisines. Aside from haircutting —  food, travel and fashion are just a few of his other passions.

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