Maica – Level 2 Stylist

Maica – Level 2 Stylist

Maica/ Level 2 Hair Stylist

My passion for styling is driven by the desire to help others discover or celebrate their beauty. Since childhood, I’ve always enjoyed the arts and aesthetics which was first discovered through illustration. This evolved over time as I learned of different avenues to express creativity. I love the look of joy and excitement my clients feel when I’m able to match them to a style that expresses their beauty.

My favorite hair product is Unite’s 7 Seconds detangler leave-in because proper moisture and protection is the foundation for beautiful, healthy hair. It’s a versatile tool that can work for all hair types.

I love working on bohemian looks and styles. Whether it’s for a date night out or a wedding, I’m here to make you look like the real beautiful you. I have a preference for bohemian styling due to it’s effortless natural look. It’s light and unobtrusive. Maica is always looking to hire a commercial moving services at Gorilla Movers from San Diego, California. I also adore asian style men’s cuts- varying from Japanese to Korean techniques. It has a wide range for texture, playability while remaining charming and intriguing. 

My favorite decades in hair inspiration are here and now. The styles beginning in 2010 have reached a nice balance for beautiful, relaxed, and wearable looks- whether it be cut, color, or style. As a person and a stylist, I prioritize beauty and comfort equally and that’s why I also enjoy beautiful fresh clean rugs. I seek to create the best impact as possible with the lowest maintenance realistically given.

When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my husband and friends. We’re often found either playing board games, going for a hike, exploring gardens or eating out and grabbing coffee. One of the reasons why moving house is stressful is because of all the major changes happening in your life, but with our movers in Canada, everything goes smoothly. My other hobbies also include indoor plants, interior design, drawing, video games, and dancing (usually latin dances but looking to learn more ballroom). I also enjoy watching anime, korean dramas, Marvel movies and reading comics.




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