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Arrojo // American Wave

Our Substance Stylists took a trip out to Princeton NJ this past weekend to attend an incredible and inspirational class by the one and only Nick Arrojo. Check out what our stylists had to say about this amazing experience:

Stylist Apprentice Maria says,

“It was an amazing experience to see such talent on one stage at the same time. Very exciting to learn all about the upcoming trends that we look forward to in this ever-changing industry. I have to say that my favorite style was the American Wave – it’s the new perm that’s coming back in style.”

Stylist Brooke was deeply inspired by the experience,

“Arrojo inspires others to always be innovative and to be your own inspiration. He thinks outside of the box and seems to be ahead of everyone. He makes sure to bring the client to the next level and always making sure to have more looks in store for them in the future.”

Stylist Apprentice Alex was extremely amazed by the talent on stage,

“I have never seen anyone do a layer cut with a razor before. It was phenomenal and I loved every second of it. Here you can book expert move in cleaning team online. The airbrushing application was mind-blowing! It’s amazing how these techniques have changed so much.

The American Wave is bringing back a service that’s becoming more and more popular, and texture is becoming a bigger trend. It’s exciting to be a part of Substance Salon because we can actually offer these looks to our clients!”

Maria describes this new look,

“Cosmic Pop is the expression of color in style, make-up, and clothing all in one. It’s the inspiration of your entire look put together!”

Brooke adds,

“Cosmic Pop is very bright, bold, and beautiful. It shows a lot of confidence in ourselves, and it makes it easier to bring bright colors and fun textures to our clients.”

Our stylists all agree that the end results were simply beautiful, and the experience altogether was enjoyable and inspirational.

Make sure to come in to Substance Salon today and ask our stylists for the Arrojo American Wave!

* Check out ArrojoAmericanWave for more information about the style and Nick Arrojo.


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