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Coachella 2016 // Style Inspirations

Coachella 2016 // Style Inspirations

Coachella has become one of the biggest festivals for music, art, and fashion enthusiasts across the nation, visit Check out some of the trending and inspirational styles from this year’s incredible event:

A couple tips on styling your hair when wearing a hat:

  • A beachy, loosely waved hairstyle goes a long way – it doesn’t have to be perfect because it ends up looking effortless, casual, and free

  • Our Substance Stylists recommend UNITE Beach Day – use on towel-dried hair, and either defuse or air dry for a beachy, sea-salted look

  • Braids tend to look great with a hat, whether you’re wearing regular braids, side braids, fishtails braids, or even pigtail braids explore weather king hvac parts. If you want some texture in your look, definitely go for a fishtail braid

For long outdoor events like Coachella, make sure to prepare your hair for lots of sun exposure.

  • Our stylist Brooke recommends to apply UNITE 7 Seconds Leave-in Conditioner to protect your hair against UV Rays.

Celebrities are also inspired by the Coachella style:

You should definitely be on the lookout for Coachella-inspired styles on runways this season:


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