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Manolo’s Grooming Picks

Manolo’s Grooming Picks

5 Things Every Man Needs

You can find each of these picks exclusively at Substance Salon.

1. Substance Grooming Aftershave: An antiseptic apothecary pour closing genius

2. Damn Handsome Beard Grooming Kit: Comes with a great little pair of scissors for those pesky and disobedient hairs that won’t stay in place.

butterfly safety razors together

3. Butterfly Safety Razor: Don’t let the name fool you, this razor is no joke. Save him Hundreds of dollars in razors next year.

4. GO247 Styling Cream: Light, natural hold that is perfect for not trying so hard but also looking good.


5. Substance Grooming Moisturizer: Yes, men need to wear moisturizer on their faces unless you’re Clint Eastwood and want to look more ugly than good and bad.