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Summer 2015 Hairstyles & Trends

Summer 2015 Hairstyles & Trends

Just like clothes, hairstyles change with the seasons. Last summer was all about the ombre, and this summer is all about the gorgeous balayage. The balayage is a highlighting method where the color is hand painted instead of using the traditional foiling technique. Here are some pictures of our lovely customers that got this look!


Balayage done at Subsstance Salon

Blonde Balayage - Substance

Balayage done at Substance Salon

Balayage - Substance Salon

Balayage done at Substance Salon


Besides coloring your hair, there are other ways to style hair this summer. Long and short bobs, grown-out bangs, and casual braids made their way to fashionistas’ heads this summer.

Here are some of our favorite celebs made headlines with their own style of bobs.


Bobs of all lengths looking fabulous.


As seen above, along with the bob, bangs are back in style, too! Michelle Williams and Scarlett Johansson looked fabulous with their side swept bangs. But we also spotted Suki Waterhouse rocking her long bangs.

Long bangs

Suki Waterhouse wearing long bangs


One of our favorite looks thats simple and quick is the braid. Braids have recently been spotted on the fierce runway of Giorgio Armani’s show best site. He had the models strut his beautiful pieces with both elegant and casual braids. The braids are simple and fun looks for this summer!

Runway Braids

Looks from the Giorgio Armani Show


3 Quick Braids

Quick braids that look great!


While styling your hair with the latest trend, make sure to take care of that great head of hair. A new product that has been working wonders is Olapex – Insurance for Your Hair. Hair bonds break during chemical or thermal services thelockboss.ie. Olaplex repairs the broken disulfide sulfur hair bonds. This product works great with all hair types. The first step would be to get the treatment done at a salon, which our salon does do. The next step is an at-home treatment. It only takes a total of 10-20 minutes, read more about us. The in-home treatment will allow your hair to keep its strength, softness, structure, and shine the salon treatment left.


Before and After of the Olaplex treatment


Another hot product to repair damaged hair this summer is Juvexin. Juvexin was scientifically proven to repair hair back to its original and youthful state. It transforms every aspect of the hair to provide a healthier, smoother, and more beautiful look. Enjoy the great weather while looking great, too.


Before and After of the Juvexin Treatment