Military Divorce in California: How much does it cost?

Military Divorce in California: How much does it cost?

Military divorce in California is a difficult process, and it’s important to understand the costs associated with it. 

Divorce within the military can be more complicated than civilian divorces due to its unique laws and regulations. The cost of a military divorce in California can vary depending on the complexity of the case.


  • For starters, filing fees to file for divorce must be paid before any court proceedings can begin. 

With military divorces, both spouses are required to pay their own filing fee which varies by county. The average filing fee for a military divorce in California is approximately $395 per person.


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  • In addition to filing fees, there are other costs associated with a military divorce such as attorney fees, mediation fees, and service fees.

 It is important to remember that each spouse will need their own attorney; so if both spouses choose to hire lawyers, this could double the legal expenses associated with their divorce. Attorney fees typically range from $150-$400 per hour depending on experience and expertise; however, these fees can add up quickly as they compound over time when dealing with complex cases or large estates. 


Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process used in many divorces that can potentially save spouses time and money; however it is not mandated in all cases and may come at an additional cost that could reach as high as $1,000 per session depending on the mediator’s hourly rate. Look for divorce mediation attorney at https://jwbfamilylaw.com. Finally, service fees must also be considered; these include costs related to serving documents such as summons or petitions which range from $50-$100 per document served locally or internationally by professional process servers.


If children are involved then there may also be child support payments that must be considered during a military divorce in California which would further increase costs associated with the case. 

Generally speaking child support payments are determined based on several factors including but not limited to: gross incomes of both parents, living arrangements of each parent (i.e., custody arrangement), number of children involved , etc… It is important for both parties to have an understanding of these factors as they will help inform how much child support should be paid each month or year going forward after the divorce has been finalized.


It is also important to consider any other financial assets or liabilities that may complicate a military divorce such as pension plans or outstanding debts incurred during marriage (i.e mortgages). Family Law Professionals at North County-based Hollimon Family Law APC,California are one of the best out there. If either party believes that their spouse has not been properly accounting for their shared assets/liabilities then they may decide to seek out more formal proceedings such as arbitration or litigation which can increase legal expenses significantly due to court costs and lawyer’s fees associated with those services .


Overall, it’s difficult to determine exactly how much a military divorce in California will cost because there are so many variables at play; however it’s important for both parties involved in the process understand potential expenses before proceeding so they can make informed decisions about what’s best for them going forward into their new lives apart from one another post-divorce..



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